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Praise For Lee Hayes “The Bad Seed is a hard-to-put down read with enough back-stabbings , infidelities, murder plots and bloodletting to render Lady Macbeth saintly by comparison!” – Stanley Bennett Clay, author of In Search of Pretty Young Black Men and Looker. "The Bad Seed is a remarkable novel full of deliciously savage characters, danger, betrayal and intrigue. Readers will find themselves instantly engaged in this conniving story!" - Terrance Dean, international bestselling author of Hiding in Hip Hop "The Bad Seed serves as a wakeup call for those who get involved and fall in love too quickly with people they do not really even know." -ZANE, NYT bestselling author "Lee Hayes is a talented author who has the ability to snatch you into a story and keep you spell bound until the telling is told." - Tina Brooks McKinney, bestselling author of All That Drama

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Simon Cassel has always been different. At a very young age he learned to hide his extraordinary abilities and to ignore the preternatural events that surrounded him. Now, as his twenty-first birthday approaches, he can no longer ignore the astonishing changes that have turned his world upside down. He knows that he is changing, becoming something else. Dreams of serpents and living Shadows plague him; voices and whispers call out to him from the depths of darkness; an old woman haunts him, reaching out to him from another place. Craved by the Shadows and feared by the Light, Simon’s world will never be same as he becomes THE FIRST MALE.


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